How Does Pinsomo Theme Get You Traffic Organically

SomoThemes Highlight: The Pinsomo Theme

Pinsomo Theme

Today I'd like to highlight one of our best-selling themes, the Pinsomo. Pinsomo is one of the most popular Pinterest-like WordPress themes that works and feels like Pinterest. It's especially great if you are running a site with images on every of your content. Before I dive in to show you how it works, here's a recent testimonial I received from Scott:

Hi Dan,

I thought that I would drop you a line to let you know that I installed the Pinsomo theme on one of my websites to see if I would get the results the template was offering.  I really didn't think it would be possible, but the old "ugly" template just wasn't working anymore.  To my surprise, the improvement happened nearly overnight.  I have only been using the template for 23 days, but the attached results speak for themselves.  There hasn't been an increase in conversions yet, however, the ctr is up to 1.8% from .2% in the previous month.  I'm looking forward to the continued improvement.



We're thankful for Scott to share with us  a Screenshot of his Google Analytics account:

Pinsomo Pinterest-like WordPress Theme

That's 300% improvement in traffic from a simple theme change.

How Does Pinsomo Improve Traffic?

Pinsomo Social Sharing

People are used to pinning and sharing stuffs on Pinterest. When you have a site that looks like Pinterest, your visitors are more likely to do what they are used to, pinning and repinning. This simple change makes your site go viral very fast.

At the Pinsomo Demo you will notice every post has 4 social sharing buttons built into it. It makes it very easy to keep sharing.

Pinsomo comes built-in with 6 default colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink Gray. On the Demo, go to the top Menu > Color Styles, you can select the colors and have a preview of how it looks like.

We have also built some page templates and page layouts that's available by default. This will meet most of your needs. Yes, you can run your own Ads. Yes, you can edit the template as you like. Yes, they are all widgets. If you have any questions about customization that does not come by default, we are happy to help you out. Just drop us a ticket at the support center within your Lounge.

If you think your site deserves more love, more sharing and more traffic, get Pinsomo today.